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Septic System

Septic Systems P.E.

Boulder Consultants
Donald DeWolfe Ehre PE
4 Oxford Crossing, Suite 102
New Hartford, NY 13413
Phone (315) 797-6087
(Septic System/Blueprints)

Rita Carson PE, 1119 Rose Valley Rd, Cold Brook, NY 13324
Phone (315)272-7875 (Septic System)

Mark Gaworecki PE Phone (315)868-2491 (Septic System)

Walz Consulting
Charles Walz IV
Phone (315)868-0105 (Blueprints)

Alan M. Swierczek
PO Box 204
Whitesboro, NY 13492
Phone (315) 736-4514 (Septic Systems/Blueprints)

Kenneth John Roberts
HC 69 Box 45
West Winfield, NY 13491
Phone (315) 822-5329 (Septic Systems/Blueprints)

Wastewater Treatment Standards - Individual Household Systems

{Public Health Law, 201 (I) (I)} Appendix 75A

  1. Septic Tanks minimum 10 feet from house and 50 feet from well or cistern and tank should be level. (Sch 35 PVC Pipe to be used).
  2. Distribution Box 10 feet from septic tank.
    1. Box must be level. Set on bed of sand or fine gravel, at least 12 inches thick.
    2. Solid pipe from distribution box to Drain Trench 5 feet of solid pipe for straight lines. Leaving distribution box area soil should be used to support solid pipe.
    3. Two inch drop between inlet and outlets inverts; joint must be waterproof.
    4. Box removable cover not more than 12 inches below grade.

    --- At This Point an Inspection is Required --

  3. Drain Field - perforated pipe not less than 200 feet for three bedroom or 250 feet for four bedroom home. (60 foot maximum length). 1/16 inches per foot maximum pitch; Ends of laterals capped or blocked with stone.
    1. Drain pipe should have 8 to 10 inches of crushed stone under pipe and 6 inches on top. (3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches diameter of stone).
    2. Absorption trench 2 feet wide and 6 feet or greater c.c., apart.
    3. Aggregate shall be covered with untreated building paper or 4 inches of hay or straw.
    4. After OK of inspector earth cover over aggregate shall be clean dirt not to exceed 12 inches, (surface wasters shall be diverted from vicinity of the system.)

    -- A Final Inspection is Required --


    1. Perk test and stamp plans are required to be done by a Professional Engineer.
    2. Septic Size: Three bedroom home = 1,000 gallons; if garbage grinder is to be used, liquid capacity must be increased by 25%.
    3. Sketch of tanks clean outs and location of distribution box cover with reference points on a standard system Inspections Done by Bill Flagg. Telephone Number: 315-790-0824

Click here to download the Septic System Permit

Click here to download the Septic Detail Drawing

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