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Planning Board

Planning Board Members

Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month. 6:00PM @ Frankfort Town Hall, 201 Third Ave., Frankfort, New York 13340

  • Jerry Meyers, Chairman
  • Mark Valent, Co-Chairman
  • Michele Spaman
  • Alexandra Tamburro
  • Mark Vallese
  • Karlee Tamburro, Secretary

Subdivision Phases

Subdivision of any parcel of land into Three (3) or More Lots, Plots Sites or Other Division of Land must comply with the following regulations.

Phase I

  1. Preapplication Procedure - Town of Frankfort Planning Board meets First Wednesday at Town Hall, Time - 6:00 P.M. Meetings will be posted in Newspapers whenever changes occur due to Holidays or etc.
  2. Submit in writing 14 days prior to regular scheduled meeting, in order to be put on the agenda for an informational meeting. The purpose of such appearance & submission of information with data affords Subdivider, his Agent or Engineer an opportunity to consult informally, at an early stage, with the Board. The objective conserves time & expense for Subdivider while creating mutual opportunities for all parties to achieve a desirable subdivision in the Public Interest.

Phase II

Preliminary Layout - On reaching satisfactory conclusions REGARDING THE GENEAL PROGRAM AND OBJECTIVE following the preapplication appearance, the Subdivider shall cause to be prepared a Preliminary Layout together with the following supplementary or supporting material.

  1. Topographic Data on the track and existing drainage ways.
  2. Tract Boundary lines-tract area & Street Layout.
  3. Name and Right of Ways width of each Street or other Right of Ways.
  4. Utilities on and adjacent to the Tract.
  5. Location dimensions and purpose of any easements.
  6. Numbers to identify each lot and Letters to identify each Block.
  7. Purpose for which sites other than Residential Lots are dedicated or reserved.
  8. Minimum set back line on all lots and other sites.
  9. Name of Owners of Record of adjoining unplatted Land.
  10. Site Data including number of Residential Lots, Typical Lot Size, Linear Feet of Streets, Acres in Parks & etc.
  11. Title, Scale, North Arrow and Date.
  12. Current Zoning & Proof of Ownership.

General Information

Eight (8) copies of the Preliminary Layout & Supplementary Material so required shall be Submitted to the Board with written application for conditional approval not less than fourteen (14) days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.

Within forty-five (45) days after the receipt of such preliminary Plat by the Clerk of the Planning Board. The Planning Board shall hold a Public Hearing, which Hearing shall be advertised at least once in a Newspaper of general circulation in the Town at least five (5) days before such hearing.

The Planning Board shall within forty-five (45) days such hearing conditionally approve or disapprove the Preliminary Layout and OTher Material as submitted or modified. The Board shall notify the Subdivider in writing of its action, if conditionally approved the Board shall state the conditions of such approval or if disapproved shall notify the Subdivider of the reasons thereof.

Phase III

Final Plat

  1. The Final Plat shall conform substantially to the Preliminary plan as conditionally approved. If desired by the subdivider the Final Plat may constitute only that portion of the approved Preliminary Plan which he proposes to record & develop at the time provided, however that such portion conforms to all requirements of these regulations.
  2. Application for approval of the Final Plat & Other Material required for approval shall be submitted to Planning Board by filing the Application & Plat & such Other Material with the Secretary of the Board at least fourteen (14) days prior to the regular monthly meeting at which time it is to be considered.
  3. Eight (8) copies of the Final Plat & other material required for approval shall be submitted to the Board within six (6) months after conditional approval of the Preliminary Layout; otherwise such conditional approval shall become null and void unless an extension of time is applied for and granted by the Board.
  4. The Board shall within forty-five (45) days from and after the time of filing hold a Public Hearing as described in 76-24B of these subdivision regulations for the approval, modification and approval or disapproval of the Final Plat. The Board shall approve or disapprove the Final Plat as submitted or modified within forty-five (45) days from and after the hearing and the Board shall notify the Subdivider, in writing of its action. Approval, however, shall not be deemed final until the Subdivider has complied with 76-23B (3) with respect to certifications that required improvements have been completed or bond or other security satisfactory to the Board has been posted in lieu thereof in accordance with the provisions of 277 of the TOWN LAW and shall have filed the Final Plat with the county Clerk within sixty (60) days after approval; otherwise such approval shall expire as provided by 276 of the TOWN LAW and approval shall become null & void unless an extension of time is applied for and granted by the Board pursuant to law.

    Written statement by TOWN ATTORNEY

    Note: 76-23B(3)

    • (a) Certifying that the required improvements have been completed or bond satisfactory in form and sufficiency to the Town has been posted in lieu thereof in accordance with the provisions of SEction 277 of the Town Law, and that the Applicant or Subdivider is the Land-owner; and
    • (b) Approving as to legal sufficiency all offers of cession, agreements regarding improvements and maintenance of public open spaces, if any.
  5. The Subdivider will be required to tender offers of cession in form approved as satisfactory by the Attorney of all sewers, drains, surface drains waterlines and all land included in streets, parks, or other public areas, not specifically reserved as shown on the Final Plat but approval of the Final Plat shall not constitute acceptance by the TOWN BOARD of the dedication of such facilities without formal acceptance by the TOWN BOARD. This subsection shall not apply to Corporations operating under the TRANSPORTATION ACT.

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