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As of 1-1-2024 John Wallace is the new Supervisor

Marcus Perritano is the new Highway Superintendent






Application Requirements

  1. 2 Sets of Plans, Checklist Sign and the application form completely (both sides) and a fee of $25.00 for Plan review. Application requirement must be submitted 30 days in advance before Building Permit can be issued.
    • 2 SETS of N.Y. State Stamp Blueprints of all construction and additions. Plumbing, heating, electrical, stairs, window schedule and cross section of structure must be drawn on plans. Design loads, Snow loads and Wind loads must be calculated and submitted alone with the Application.
    • Modular Homes: 1 set of the structure; 2 sets of NYS Stamp Foundation Plans (ones in house pack is not acceptable).
  2. NYS Energy Conservation Analysis (MECcheck) or Prescription Form must accompany all blue prints.
  3. Contractor must have New York State Insurance Proof Forms for Compensation and Disability Benefits. No Building Permit will be issued without a copy of these forms.
  4. Proof of ownership of property, a copy of your deed and any deed restrictions.
  5. Plot Plan showing size, use, location of property. Along with set back and dimensions distances of the proposed structure, well, and septic system will be located on the site.
  6. Perk Test: Perk test has to be performed by a Professional Engineer only. All Systems need plans, Septic System Drawing: Layout of lines with cross section of the system. Perk of 45 min. or more must have design plans from a Professional Engineer. Design System must have first been approved by N.Y. State Health Dept.
  7. Well Certification: (D.E.C. Form) Well Completion Report with a certified flow test: water source has the capability of providing water at a sustainable rate of least 5 gal. Per min. and a certificate of water purification from a N.Y. State Certified Laboratory.
  8. When hooking up to Water Service and Sewage Service, you must notify the Codes Officer for permit and Plumbing Inspector must be present at the time of tapping.
  9. Need to know estimated value of dwelling.
  10. No changes to plans or onsite without Codes Department Stamp on Blueprints (both copies) before construction.

** All ** of the above must all be completed in order to receive a building permit.

Issuing 911 Address Number

Herkimer County will measure your property and issue a 911 number address.

  1. Place a stake with an orange top at the roadside with your name on it.
  2. This stake should be placed at the road, where the center of your house will be.
  3. Once the building permit is issued a copy is sent to Herkimer 911 Center. This stake has to be placed at the roadside that day. He will not make numerous trips out to measure and assign your number.
  4. This office will call you with your 911 address number in 3 to 4 days.

Professional Engineers

Boulder Consultants
Donald Ehre, PE
4 Oxford Crossing, Suite 102
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 797-6087
Septic System/Blueprints

Rita Carlson, PE
1119 Rose Valley Rd
Cold Brook, NY 13324
(315) 272-7875
Septic System

Mark Gaworecki, PE
(315) 868-2491
Septic System

J.R. Putnam Industries
Jon R. Putman, PE
120 Putnam Estates Drive
Frankfort, NY 13340
(315) 895-0036
Septic System/Blueprints

Kenneth Roberts
HC 69 Box 45
West Winfield, NY 13491
(315) 822-5329
Septic System/Blueprints

Alan Swierczek
PO Box 204
Whitesboro, NY 13492
(315) 736-4514
Septic System/Blueprints

Walz Consulting
Charles Walz IV
(315) 868-0105

Click here to download the Residential Building/Zoning Permit

Click here to download the Inspection Requirements Form 

Click here to download the Residential Energy Checklist & Form

Swimming Pools / Spa

Swimming Pool Application Requirements

  1. Proof of ownership of property and any deed restrictions.
  2. A plot plan showing size, topographical layout of the placement site on property. Along with set back and dimensions distances of the proposed pool and/or deck that will be located on the property.
  3. Must have Blueprints of the deck. Showing supports, framing, stairs, and a cross section of the deck must be drawn on the plans. Design loads and snow loads.
  4. All outdoor pools must have a fence in place before filling. (including an in-ground, above-ground or on-ground, hot tub or spa shall be provided with a barrier which shall comply:
    • Top of Barrier shall be at least 48 inches (above grade measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool)
    • Maximum vertical clearance shall be 2 inches (between grade and the bottom of barrier side which faces away from the swimming pool)
    • Above-ground pool (barrier may be at ground level, such as the pool structure, or mounted on top of the pool structure, maximum vertical clearance between the top of the pool structure and the bottom of barrier shall be 4 inches.)
      • Where the barrier is mounted on top of the pool structure, and means of access is a ladder or steps then:
        • Ladder or steps shall be capable of being secured, locked or removed; any opening shall not allow the passage of a 4 inch-diameter sphere.
        • Ladder or steps shall be surrounded by barrier and meet all requirements of a barrier fence.
      • Opening in the barrier shall not allow passage of a 4 inch-diameter sphere.
      • Solid barriers shall not contain indentation or protrusions (Masonry or stone walls)
      • Barriers is composed of horizontal and vertical members and the distances between tops of the horizontal is less than 45 inches.
        • Horizontal member shall be located on the swimming poolside of the fences.
        • Spacing between vertical members shall not exceed 1.75 inches in width.
        • Decorative cutouts vertical members, spacing within cutout 1.75 in width.
      • Barriers composed of horizontal and vertical members and the distances between tops of the horizontal is 45 inches or more.
        • Spacing between vertical members shall not exceed 4 inches.
        • Decorative cutouts vertical members, spacing within 1.75 in width.
      • Maximum mesh size for chain link fence shall be a 1.25 inch square unless the fence is provided with slats fastened at the top or bottom which reduce the openings to not more than 1.72 inches.
      • Access gates shall comply with the requirement of above and securely locked with key, combination or other child proof lock sufficient to prevent access to the swimming pool through such gate when the swimming pool is not in use or supervised.
        • Pedestrian access gates shall open outward away from pool shall be self-closing and self-latching device.
        • Pedestrian access gates release of self-latching device is located less than 54 inches
          • Located on gate 3 inches top of gate and the gate and barrier shall have no opening grater than 0.5 inch within 18 inches of the release mechanism.
        • Wall of Dwelling serves as barrier on of the following conditions shall be met:
          • Pools shall have a power safety cover or
          • All doors with direct access to pool shall be equipped with Alarm and audible warning sounding
          • 30 seconds after door and screen is open, sound throughout house, must have touch pad or switch for temporarily deactivate no more than 15 seconds, deactivation device located at least 54 inches.
        • Prohibited locations of barriers: Barriers shall be located so as to prohibit permanent structures, equipment or similar objects from being used to climb the barrier.
        • Barrier exceptions: Spas or hot tubs with a safety cover which complies with ASTMF 1346.
      • Need to know estimated value of pool and/or deck.
      • Must fill out application for a permit completely.
      • Any change of plans must be notified to the Codes Officer before construction.

      NOTE: Inspections by Codes Department are required at the following schedule. (You must call 894-0922 for Inspections.)

      Independent Electrical Inspection

      No use of the pool is permitted without a certificate of compliance
      issued by the Codes Department.
      (Appearance Tickets will be issued to Property Owner)

      Independent Electrical Inspector's

      This is an additional charge that is paid to the inspector, not this office.

      Atlantic - Inland, In. - New York
      Vic Oriole

      Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service
      Dick - Phone (315)534-0077
      Keith - Phone (315)337-2098

      Independent Consolidated Inspection Services
      1419 Albany Street, Utica, NY 13504
      (315) 735-5233

      Middle Department Inspection Agency, Inc.
      Hilltop Plaza
      143 Troy-Schenectady Road
      Watervliet, NY 12189
      (518)273-0861 or 1-800-873-6342

      CNY Electrical Inspection Services
      7910 Rinaldo Blvd W
      Bridgeport, NY 13030

      Click here to download the Pool Permit

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